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Wooden Hand Painted Brass Candle Holders Set of 9

Original price was: ₹5,500.Current price is: ₹4,999.

It is necessary to have a perfect brass candle holders space because in times of need it is quite hard to search and look for them. With the advent of other artificial sources of light, this beautiful piece of art has been losing its brightness. with this handprinted candle stand, is trying to revive this beautiful and compact home décor article, which is quite useful when darkness surrounds us. Made of wood, this candle stand is painted in bright and shiny colors.

It comes with Indian art painted on it and hence gives a traditional touch to your home and décor. It comes with a round base to perfectly hold it still and provide stability. You can place it in your kitchen or by the side of your beds to create a nice décor look.

  • * Size Approx:-
  1. Size - 12x12x16 cm
  2. Size - 12x12x29 cm
  3. Size - 12x12x30 cm
  4. Size -14x14x35 cm
  5. Size - 15x15x38 cm
  6. Size - 13x13x40 cm
  7. Size - 10x10x28 cm
  8. Size -12x12x39 cm
  9. Size -14x14x28 cm
  10. Size -12x12x37 cm

Product Features:-

  • Hand Painted Candle stand
  • Made of solid wood- Hand painting
  • Suitable For : Table
  • Suitable for any room
  • Easy assembly
  • Hand-made in India

Color:- As shown in picture