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Indian Handpainted Coca Cola Wood Serving Tray

Original price was: ₹3,599.Current price is: ₹2,899.
Crafted from mango wood, this handicraft tray can be used as a hospitality tray to serve tea, coffee, snacks, soft drinks, hard drinks, supari, paan, dry fruits. This Handicraft Tray can be gifted to your friends and relatives on the occasion of their retirement, anniversary, farewell ceremony, ring ceremony. Strong made of Indian wood. Which was produced by the hand of Indian artisans painting of Coca-Cola and was polished rough and gave it an attractive gift. It has two selfies. Which helps us keep the things of kitchen decor. A dining table and serving tray are an important type in our house. Likes the eyes of the guest who comes with kitchen decor in our house. Style: Kitchen Decor, Serving Tray Material : Wooden Color: Yellow Size Tray: 13.75 In. L X 18.0 In. W X 23.75 In. H Weight:-3 kg Made in India