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Religious White Wooden Mandir for Home

Original price was: ₹42,000.Current price is: ₹35,400.

Temples made of wood have special significance to establish deities in homes. These temples made of mango wood are strong and economical as well as light in weight, so they are very easy to handle. The carving work on these temples has been done by the skilled craftsmen of western Rajasthan, who have no match in the work of carving.

Deities and their abode are of special importance in Hindu rituals, temples made of wood usually have special significance for worship in homes. In this sequence, we have brought you a very attractive and beautiful temple, whose beauty is reflected in its work, the temple has been painted white, as well as small windows have been made inside the temple, inside which bells are installed. A swinging lamp has also been installed inside the temple, which is lit and the deities are worshipped.

The decor of a White Wooden Mandir for Home can vary depending on the specific temple and the religious or cultural traditions associated with it. However, in general, Religious temples tend to have a clean and simple aesthetic that emphasizes purity, peace, and spirituality.