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Antique Wooden Square Coffee Table | Wooden Chakki Table Rustic Grinder Table


Craftsmen of India and a coffee table was given. Which is very unique and old. White painting was painted over it. Which seems to be more of Rajasthani mill table.

Indian Chakki tables were traditionally used in household stone mills, where the grains are sorted and ground to flour before collected for cooking. Today these tables make exotic coffee tables that bring traditional bohemian vibes to your home. Hese popular, rustic, hand-carved wooden tables make great pieces for creating an ethnic, global style in your home. wood Indian Carving coffee table

Inspired by traditional tables used to grind wheat, this lovely, low piece is handcrafted in Rajasthan, India. Carved from mango wood and topped with a metal-cladded mandala, it radiates global style.

Weight: 4 kg

Due to handcrafting, slight variations may occur.

Finish: Wooden Black

Colour - Black

Size Table- Length 50 cm x width 50 cm x height 25 cm

Wipe clean with soft cloth. Avoid chemical cleaners

No assembly required

Made in India

Brass Embossed Wooden Chakki Table-VM Antique Decor


A Handicraft Chakki - Table is a type of furniture that originates from India. It is a unique and versatile piece that can be used as a table or a decorative item. The table features a circular top made from a traditional stone chakki, which is a type of grinder used to grind grains into flour.

The chakki is made from sandstone, which is known for its durability and resistance to weathering. The top of the table is typically surrounded by a wooden frame, which provides a stable base for the chakki.

The table can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used as a coffee table, a side table, or even as a dining table. Some people also use it as a decorative item, placing it in the center of a room or on a patio or balcony.

The Handicraft Chakki - Table is a popular choice for those who want to add a touch of Indian style to their home décor. It is also a great conversation starter, as it is a unique and interesting piece that is sure to attract attention.
  • Dimensions:- Your Choice
  • Brand Name:- VM Antique Decor
  • Material:- Solid Wood
  • Weight:- 3 Kg
  • Colour:- Brown
  • Assembly:- Not Required
  • Pack Content:- 1 chakki Table

Wooden Indian Leather Round Carved Chakki Cushion Stool | Stool Chair Home Decor


A table is required to sit in our house. Which we can do with our security by giving room to our house. This mill table carved by the hands of ordinary and old artisans from all around.

Which was made from strong mango wood. In the olden days, it was used in India by the women to grind the paddy by keeping the flour mill in the middle of the table. The paddy flour used to come on the edges of the mill. And women used to take it by hand.

But today it is more popular in the form of a unique central table, side table and coffee table candle stand and other festivals according to the unique. A cushion has been placed on it.

On which we can sit with ease. It leather fitted with wood. So that it become stronger. Its cushion covered by leather and given a unique look.

Which can become a suitable seating table in our house and seating entertainment for children.

This type of table is very important for our house. Who can take every person in our house

Due to handcrafting, slight variations may occur.

Colour : Same as Photo

Size Table- Length 45 cm x width 45 cm x height 20 cm

Wipe clean with soft cloth. Avoid chemical cleaners

No assembly required

Made in India